Monday, September 21, 2015

Welcome to the Book Chain!

Here is how it works: A book chain is kind of like a book club, but with a slight difference. Each member of the book chain chooses one book, which they and the other chain members will read. So if a chain has six members, then each member will read six books. There are no physical meetings of chain members, instead comments and questions will be posted here on this blog - each book will be given a blog page where members can post. The posting will begin when we have six members signed up and six books chosen. The chain will run for twelve weeks - that's an average of two weeks per book, so you can judge if this is something you can fit into your life. You can read the books and comment on them in any order you choose, and if you don't finish a book, that's okay - just comment about why you dropped it.

I, Tyler, will moderate the chain and try to answer any questions you may have. I am also going to be participating in the chain.

Does this sound like fun? Want to give it a try? Message me here at blogger and join the chain.


  1. Okay, third time lucky? (Having problems replying for some reason -- adblockers, probably.)

    Anyway, I want to nominate Declare by Tim Powers. Best magical realism/Cold War spy novel I've read in some time.


  2. Does this mean you are in, Eric?

    1. Sure, if I can get the comment system to work ...

    2. ... and it looks like I can, as long as I don't use Chrome!